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How to harness the power of the Pathmatics platform

Top Advertisers

Top Advertisers allows you to view spend, impression, device, and purchase channel data for the highest ranked advertisers across the top 31 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) categories.

Category Selector

To see the Top Advertiser and Brand results by category, navigate to the desired category via the Category Browser, or simply click on the desired category’s name in the Top Categories table.

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Top Advertisers and Brands

Top Advertisers and Brands are ranked according to the highest spend and impression numbers per your selected device, date range, and region filters


  • To search for a specific advertiser or brand, enter its name in the search bar located above the Impressions column.
  • Click on an advertiser's name to jump to its dedicated Pathmatics page.
  • You can sort the data in ascending or descending order by selecting the sort option located in the header row of the RankAdvertiserDirect, Spend, or Impressions columns. 
  • Hover over the icons in the Devices column to view the device formats serving impressions.
  • Click Show Details next to the advertiser's name to view Top Creatives, Top Categories and Top Brands.

The top 500 results are shown in the platform; Export to Excel to see the top 1,000. If you wish to see more than 1,000 results, please reach out to

Top Categories

The Top Categories table is ranked according to the highest spend and impression numbers per your selected device, date range, and region.


Click any category name to jump to the category’s dedicated Pathmatics page.

For information on how to navigate this page, see our Category View article.

Device Breakdown for All Categories

Easily visualize the devices and social channels that the top advertisers and brands are spending on, and where impressions are taking place. Hover over any device to highlight it in the donut and line charts.

Top Purchase Channels for All Categories

The Top Purchase Channel section allows you to view the spend and impression share for the top ad tech partners at play across the top-ranked advertisers and categories.

  • In the Spend Share and Impression Share tabs, purchase channels are ranked in order of highest spend or impressions. Percentage of spend or impression share is listed in the Share column.
  • A donut chart to the right of the table provides a visual representation of spend or impression share by channel. Hover your cursor over each portion of the graph to highlight the purchase channel type.
  • Click the name of any ad tech partner listed in the Purchase Channel column to jump to the partner’s Pathmatics page.

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