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How to harness the power of the Pathmatics platform

Ad Mocker

What is Ad Mocker?

AdMocker allows you to see how a creative would appear if run on a particular website.

Step 1: Choose a site to mock-up your ad on

  1. Enter the URL of the site you wish to use for your mockup.

Step 2: Choose your creative

  1. Choose an existing ad from our database or upload an ad from your own computer.
  2. To use an ad from Pathmatics database, enter the advertiser name and select the advertiser page from the drop-down. Click Next.
  3. Creatives from the last 30 days will appear at the bottom of the Ad Mocker page.
  4. To use an ad from your computer instead, click Browse your computer and select a .png or .jpg file. Click Next.

Step 3: Create your mockup

  1. Drag and drop your chosen creative from the selection bar onto the webpage.
  2. Creatives can be placed anywhere on the webpage and can be resized to your liking.
  3. You may change your advertiser or upload additional creatives from your computer by clicking the Change Advertiser or Upload Ads box located in the ad selection bar.
  4. Collapse or expand the ad selection bar by clicking Hide or Show.
  5. Remove your selected ad from the mockup by clicking Menu located at the top of the ad, or by clicking Clear Ads at the top of the Ad Mocker page.ApplicationFrameHost_rdl6RY1IrC.png
  6. Change the website used in your mockup by clicking Change URL at the top of the Ad Mocker page.

Step 4: Saving your mockup

  1. When you are satisfied with your mockup, click Download at the top of the page to save and export your file as an image, PowerPoint file or webpage.

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