Searching with the OmniBox

How to Search

To search for an advertiser, brand, category, site or ad tech partner page, enter the name in the Omnibox. Begin entering text for a list of page suggestions below.


Note: Entity names must be spelled correctly and proper company names must be entered. i.e. when searching for Coca-Cola as an advertiser, enter “The Coca-Cola Company”, not “Coke”.

To filter by a specific kind of entity, use the dropdown to the right of the omnibox to filter your search results. You can make sure the search returns only Brands, Sites, Categories or Services.




Companies that buy impressions and advertise their brands, sub-brands, or products (e.g. Procter & Gamble).


Companies that sell impressions to brands or the sites and platforms where ads are served (e.g. The New York Times).


Industries that brands, sub-brands, and products fall into (e.g. Consumer Packaged Goods).


Ad tech companies involved in the impression buying / selling transaction, like: DSPs, trading desks, ad networks, ad exchanges, etc. (e.g. The Trade Desk, Rubicon).



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