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Adjusting filters

Select devices and formats

Pathmatics Explorer allows users to view data across multiple devices at once, or for one device type at a time. Devices and formats available depend upon your Pathmatics subscription.

To change your data view, click the drop-down arrow and select from the available options.


See which devices and formats we capture here →

By default, all available devices and formats will be selected. If you wish to turn some channels off by default, this can be done in your Account Information.

Select a date range

Your date range will automatically default to the last 30 days of data. If you’d like to change your date range, you can choose from one of the following pre-set options, or select a custom range. 

Select regions

Your default region is set based on your associated account and the regions included in your account subscription (i.e. if your account is based in the US, your default region will be set to view US data).

If your account subscription grants you access to view data for more than one region, you can filter your data to the region of your choice.


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