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How to harness the power of the Pathmatics platform

Chrome Extension

What is our Chrome Extension?

The Pathmatics Chrome extension allows you to view a snapshot of advertising or publisher data for any website you're browsing.

How do I use it?

When you install the extension, you will be asked whether you are interested in Advertiser or Publisher data. This will determine which data you see by default when using the extension, though you can toggle between them later. For the purposes of this example, we've picked Advertiser data.

  1. When browsing, click the Chrome extension to view Williams Sonoma Inc. data as an advertiser.
  2. Click View Full Report to be directed to the advertiser or publisher's dedicated Pathmatics page.
  3. Click Switch to Publisher Data to view data on where they sell ad inventory.

Where can I get the Pathmatics Chrome extension?

Get it right here 

Alternatively, you can search for Pathmatics in the Chrome Web Store, or simply select Chrome Extension from the Resources menu in the navigation bar.

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