Understanding the Dashboard Data


New Creatives

Following an entity allows you to view new campaign creatives launched within the last 30 days, right from your dashboard.

To view these creatives, click “Show”.


Creatives shown on your dashboard will default to include all device types the creative ran on.  


To change your creative type view, click the "All Devices & Formats" drop-down arrow and select from the available options.


Click “Hide”, to collapse the list of new creatives.


Creative View

You can view creative details from your dashboard as well as from an entity's Explorer page.  


Select the creative of your choice to view details on:

  • Dimensions and type of creative
  • Lifetime of the creative
  • Top sites this creative ran on
  • Landing page of the creative
  • Trend graph of spend throughout the creative’s lifetime


Should you notice a discrepancy regarding the creative data presented, click “Report an Issue”.  A member of our support team will contact you within 24-48 hours.

To save the creative to your computer, simply select “Export as JPG”.

In addition to collecting creative details, our machine-based data aggregators capture a screenshot of each creative as it appeared on one of the sites it ran on.  

To view a screenshot, click “See This Ad on a Site”.

A new window will open in your browser.

Creative screenshots can be saved to your files by clicking “Export” on the Creative Screenshot page.  


All screenshots are timestamped on the bottom right-hand side of the image.

Impression Spikes

Following an entity allows you to view a quick snapshot of any impression spikes that occurred within the last 30 days.



To view the number of impressions calculated on the day the spike was observed, hover your cursor over the orange circles in the Impressions graph.


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