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How to customize your notifications and defaults, and secure your account

Account Information

Manage important settings and preferences within My Account.

My Account

Email Preferences

Explorer alerts emails provide a snapshot of your custom Dashboard data. To change the frequency of these email alerts, select General User > Email Preferences.

Emails can be set to arrive daily, once every weekday, once a week, once a month, or never.

Weekly emails will be sent on Mondays. Monthly emails will be sent on the first of each month.

Change Password

To change your password, select General User > Account & Security. Enter your current password, and then your new password twice. Click Update.

If your account requires Google Sign-in, this page will be disabled.


To set your Pathmatics defaults, navigate to Pathmatics UserDefault Settings.

Default Device and Format Type

To change your default device and format type, you can check and uncheck any combination of the device and format types available with your subscription. Social data is available per your Pathmatics subscription.

Default Country/Region

If your Pathmatics subscription allows access to data from multiple regions, you will have the option of changing your default region in your account settings.  

Default Currency

Currency settings default to US Dollars regardless of your default region.  

To change your currency settings to reflect the currency of the region you are viewing data for, select Change Currency and choose the Local Currency option.

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