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Advertiser Filter Bar

To view site data for a specific device type, date range, region or brand, adjust your site filter bar settings located at the top of the Explorer page.


Devices Filter



Your device settings are defaulted to “All Devices and Formats” and includes the following device types:

  • Desktop Display
  • Mobile Display
  • Desktop Video
  • Mobile Video
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok

To change your data view, click the drop-down arrow and select from the available options.


Please note, social device type data is available per your Pathmatics subscription.


Date Range Filter 

Your date range will automatically default to the last 30 days of data.  If you’d like to change your date range, you can choose from one of the following pre-set options, or select a custom range:

  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 12 months
  • All Time
  • Month to Date
  • Year to Date
  • Custom Range


 Region Filter


If your Pathmatics subscription allows you to view data for multiple regions, you can adjust your region view in the filter bar.



To change your filter default settings, visit My Account.



Click “Follow” to add the site to your dashboard.  

Click “Compare” to visit our “Site Comparison” page.

Click “Export” to export all data on the site’s Explorer page.  Visit the Exporting section of Knowledge Base for info on how to export data.



Who is [site] selling impressions to? 

The Sales Channel table details spend and impression share for the top parties the site sold inventory to.


In the “Spend Share” and “Impression Share” tab, sales channels are ranked in order of highest advertiser spend or impressions.  Percentage of the site’s spend or impression share is listed in the “Share” column.  


A circle graph to the right of the table provides a visual representation of spend share by channel.  Hover your mouse over each portion of the graph to highlight the sales channel type.


Note: House ad data will not appear within the Spend Share tab, as house ads are not purchased by spend.  House ad impression data is viewable within the Impressions Share tab.


Click the name of any ad tech partner listed in the “Purchase Channel” column to be redirected to the partner’s Explorer page.


Top Advertisers for [Site]

Top Advertisers for [Site] table contains a list of the top 500 advertisers appearing most frequently on this site.  Should you wish to view additional advertisers, contact


Top advertisers are ranked in order of highest spend and impressions.


The Top Advertisers table offers 3 ranking categorizations:

  • “All Advertisers” tab - The top 500 advertisers who have bought inventory both directly and indirectly
  • “Direct Advertisers” tab - The top 500 advertisers who have bought inventory directly
  • “Indirect Advertisers” tab - The top 500 advertisers who have bought inventory indirectly, or programmatically

To search for a specific advertiser, enter the advertiser name in the search bar located above the “Impressions” column.


To reverse your table ranking order, click the down arrow located in the “Advertiser”, “Spend” or “Impressions” column. Click the up arrow to undo.


When viewing data within the “All Advertisers” tab, you will notice a column labeled “Direct” to the right of the advertiser name.  A green check mark indicates that inventory was bought directly.


Hover over the icons in the “Devices” column to view the device formats each advertiser ran ads on.



Click on an advertiser name within the table to visit the advertiser Explorer page.



Show Details

To view additional details for each advertiser, click the “Show Details” icon to the right of the advertiser name in the Advertiser column.  


A popup box will appear showcasing the creatives the advertiser ran on this site.  

The Show Details view provides a list of publisher to advertiser Ad Paths.  Ad Paths allow users to view how the sale was made and which ad tech partners were involved.




Top Categories on [Site]

Top Categories on [Site] is ranked in order of spend and impressions.

Categories are based on the top 32 IAB standard categories.


To search for a category, enter the category name in the search bar located above the Impressions column.


Reverse your ranking order by clicking the down arrow in any of the column headers. Click the up arrow to undo.


Click “Show Details” next to the category name to view the top advertisers in the category, who are running adds on the site.


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