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How to harness the power of the Pathmatics platform

Advertiser Comparison

The Advertiser Comparison page allows you to compare purchase channel data and top publisher data for up to twenty advertisers at once.  

You may view up to ten sites at once within the platform and up to twenty advertisers via the Export feature. If you are interested in comparing advertiser data for more than twenty advertisers, please contact for assistance.

Save or load an Advertiser Comparison

You can save your advertiser comparisons to return to at any time.  To save your advertiser comparison, enter the advertisers you wish to compare and select Save Comparison. Advertiser Comparisons will be saved until you delete them.  

To load a saved advertiser comparison, click Load Comparison and select from the dropdown. To delete a saved advertiser comparison, hover over its name and click the delete button.

Advertiser Comparisons may be shared with other Pathmatics users on your team. To share an advertiser comparison, simply copy and share its URL!

Data within your saved comparisons will reflect your current device type, date range, and region filter settings, not the filter settings at the time it was saved. Learn more about filters here.


The Overview demonstrates relative Spend and Impression Volume for each advertiser in your comparison. 

In the Spend Volume tab, a pie chart details spend share per advertiser. Spend figures are located beneath each advertiser name on the righthand side of the pie chart.

To view impressions and impression share per advertiser, select the Impression Volume tab.

The Number of Creatives bar chart indicates the number of unique creatives launched by each advertiser in your comparison.

Device Breakdown: All Devices & Formats

Your Devices & Formats filter must be set to All Devices and Formats to view this dataset.

The Device Breakdown bar chart allows you to view Spend and Impression Share per device for each advertiser in your comparison. Hover your cursor over the device name or a portion of the bar graph to view spend and impressions percentage figures.


To switch your view from spend and impression share percentage to dollar amount, use the $ % toggle at the top-right of the bar graph.

Historical Comparison

The Historical Comparison chart details Spend and Impressions data for each advertiser in your comparison. Hover your mouse over a specific point on the line graph to view spend or impression figures.

To highlight a particular advertiser, hover your cursor over the advertiser name located at the bottom of the graph.

Top Publishers running creatives for [Advertiser]

The Top Publishers running creatives for [Advertiser] table allows you to view the top 500 publishers of a selected advertiser and whether your other selected advertisers are also running on each of those publishers. Top publishers are ranked in order of highest spend and impressions. 

Select the advertiser drop-down to the right of the table’s header to choose the advertiser whose top 500 publishers you wish to view.  

  • Select the Direct Publishers tab to view the top 500 sites advertisers are running on via a direct purchase channel.
  • Select the Indirect Publishers tab to view the top 500 sites advertisers are running on via an indirect purchase channel.
  • Select the All Publishers tab to view both direct and indirect publishers.

A colored dot in each advertiser's column indicates that the advertiser is running creatives on this publisher. In the example below, YouTube is running ads for Notion, Asana, and on their site, but is not running ads for Evernote.

To view spend share for the advertisers in your comparison on a particular publisher, click Show Details to the right of a publisher's name.

A bar chart to the right of the table details Spend and Spend Share or Impressions and Impression Share for each advertiser.

To search for a specific publisher, enter its name in the search bar located on the top-right of the table.

Top Sites not running creatives for [Advertiser]

The Top Sites not running creatives [Advertiser] section functions much like Top Sites detailed above. This table lists the top 500 publishers your selected advertiser is not running creatives on, and whether or not these publishers are running creatives for the additional advertisers in your comparison.

Purchase Channel Breakdown

The Purchase Channel Breakdown provides a side-by-side look at Spend and Impression Share by purchase channel for each advertiser in your comparison.

Hover your cursor over the purchase channel name or portion of the donut chart to highlight data for an individual purchase channel. 

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