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SSP View

SSP Overview

The SSP Overview table details advertiser spend, impressions and site data related to the use of this SSP. Data will be shown per day or per month, depending on the date range selected.

  • Click the Advertiser Spend tab to view daily or monthly advertiser spends accumulated through the selling of inventory via this SSP.
  • The Impressions tab details the number of daily or monthly impressions served through this SSP.
  • Click the Publishers tab to view the number of publisher sites serving impressions through this partnership.

Top Publishers for [SSP]

The Top Publishers for [SSP] table highlights the top 500 sites serving the highest number of impressions through this SSP.

  • To search for a specific publisher, enter its name in the search bar located above the Impressions column.
  • You can sort the data in ascending or descending order by selecting the sort option located in the header row of the Publisher, Advertiser Spend, or Advertiser Impressions columns. 
  • Hover over the icons in the Devices column to view the device formats serving impressions via this SSP.
  • Click Show Details next to the publisher's name to view a list of Ad Paths. These Ad Paths demonstrate the path by which the top publisher's inventory was sold to an advertiser by way of this SSP.

New Publishers for [SSP]

The New Publishers for [SSP] table lists the publishers most recently seen serving impressions through this service.

Click on any publisher to jump straight to its dedicated page within Pathmatics.

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