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SSP Overview

The SSP Overview table details advertiser spend, impressions and site data related to the use of this SSP.

Click the Advertiser Spend tab to view daily or monthly advertiser spends accumulated through the selling of inventory via this SSP.

The Impressions tab details the number of daily or monthly impressions sold through this SSP.

Click the Sites per Day(or Month) tab to view the number of publisher sites serving impressions through this partnership.

Hover your mouse over a specific point on the graph to view detailed spend, impression or site figures.

Top Sites for [SSP]

The Top Sites for [SSP] table highlights the top 500 sites serving the highest number of impressions through this SSP.

To search for a specific site, enter the name in the search bar located above the “Impressions” column.

To reverse your table ranking order, click the down arrow located in the “Site”, “Advertiser Spend” or “Advertiser Impressions” column. Click the up arrow to undo.

Hover over the icons in the “Devices” column to view the device formats serving impressions via the use of this SSP.

Click “Show Details” next to the site name to view a list of Ad Paths. These Ad Paths demonstrate the path by which the top site’s inventory was sold to an advertiser by way of this SSP.

New Sites for [SSP]

The New Sites for [SSP] table lists the top 500 sites most recently seen serving impressions through this service.

To search for a site, enter the site name in the search bar.

Click on any site name to visit the sites’ Explorer page.

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