Desktop Panel Data

Which devices and formats does your desktop panel collect? How far back does data go?

For full details, see Data History.

How do you collect desktop panel ad data?

Each panelist has opted in to allow our technology to look for ads on each page they visit. Each time an ad is shown to them while browsing, information about the ad gets sent to Pathmatics.

Who are the desktop panelists and do you collect their Personal Identifying Information (PII)?

Our desktop panel includes tens of thousands of monthly active users, representing various demographic and user characteristics.

No, we do not collect PII from our panelists. Pathmatics takes multiple measures to protect against the tracking of any personal identifying information.

With the inclusion of desktop panel data, what types of ad buys and campaigns can you report on more robustly?

  • Ad impressions on sites that require a login
  • Targeted and retargeted campaigns
  • Mid-roll and post-roll video ads

What are Uncaptured Creatives?

Sometimes we are unable to capture an image or video of what a creative looked like. This is due to a variety of reasons, such as an HTML5 ad a panelist saw that we are unable to render on our side. “Uncaptured Creatives” contains the spend and impressions for all creatives for a particular Brand or Advertiser that we were unable to capture the visuals of.

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