Data Processing

Learn how we transform raw data into insights for our customers and partners.

Creative Classification

Pathmatics has processed millions of ads via our proprietary category- and brand-detection technology. This process is called taxonomization.

Advertiser & Brand Assignment

Advertisers and brands are assigned to creatives based on the creative itself and the metadata extracted from each creative (e.g. landing page destination, social account running the ad, creative text, etc.). There are up to 1 advertiser and 4 brand levels in a brand hierarchy.

The advertiser is the company that paid to place the creative online; may be a brand or parent company. The first (and top) level of the brand hierarchy.

The brand(s) is a company’s good or service delineated from other goods or services via a distinct name, term, symbol, design, or all of the above. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th (if applicable) levels of the brand hierarchy. Brands may be both descendants (or sub-brands) of advertisers and brands in the brand hierarchy.

Category Assignment

Each advertiser and brand is assigned a category. Once each creative is assigned an advertiser or brand, it inherits the category assigned to that advertiser or brand. There are up to 7 category levels in a category hierarchy.

Categories are the distinct industries, products, and / or services that each creative is marketing. There may be more than one level in the category hierarchy.

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