Insight Reporting & Data Delivery


Insight Reporting & Data Delivery

Finally, we report the data and insights to customers and partners in three core ways:

For those who prefer to consume the data from an intuitive user interface…

Pathmatics Explorer, our intelligence platform, offers users easy-to-access data visualizations, summaries, ranking reports, data maps, tables, charts, comparisons, and more. The platform also offers robust export capabilities for those who prefer to consume the data outside the UI.

For those who need their data integrated with other platforms…

Pathmatics Connect, our data feed, offers as much or as little of our data as you need at the frequency you need it – delivered via Amazon S3 bucket. The data can be integrated with other tools (such as proprietary models, BI or CRM platforms, etc.) or filtered, and synthesized by internal data teams as they choose.

For those who need their data organized a little bit differently...

Pathmatics Custom, our customized data solutions, offers a solution to those with unique use cases for our data. From a simple recurring report to an entirely custom data solution (e.g. unique segmentation, messaging analytics, industry reports, etc.) our users drive how we categorize, organize, and report the data.

Each day’s new data collection is processed and available within 24 hours.

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