Pathmatics Ad Graph

It all starts with Ad Graph

Ad Graph is our way of processing, storing, and building new ways of analyzing the world’s advertising data. Ad Graph powers our products and translates the raw data we capture into actionable insights for our customers.

To deliver the data we use a combination of:

Historical Data

Since 2012, our panel and data aggregator technologies have collected millions of digital ads across thousands of web pages and users. This data powers our underlying models to feed our automated processes and reviews for advertiser identification and classification, CPM, audience models.

Industry Research

We constantly tune our data capture techniques and CPM calculations to reflect the state of the market. We incorporate data from public financial data, industry reports, and analyst estimates.

Customer Feedback

Our clients include thousands of users that help power our Ad Graph with their digital marketing data.

Bidder Intelligence

Real-time bidding technology informs our CPM models across the globe.

Data Partnerships

We partner with industry leaders to access and incorporate their estimates for CPM and impressions into our machine learning models.

Ad Graph serves as the foundation for our data collection, enrichment, and reporting processing models.

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