COVID-19 Insights: Tips and Tricks

Learn how to find insights around COVID-19 via Pathmatics Explorer

Utilizing Advertiser View

To view COVID-19 insights at the individual advertiser level, visit the Advertiser Explorer page.

Utilizing your Date Range Filter

By adjusting your date range filter, you can view creatives for a particular week.

Creative Messaging and Insights

Click on each creative to view creative messaging around COVID-19. First and Last Seen dates indicate when each creative was observed by our panel or data aggregator.

To see week over week spend fluctuations for a particular COVID-19 related creative, click “List View”.

Device Type Insights

Adjust your date range to multi-week or multi-month view, to identify when an advertiser ramped up or pulled back spend across a certain device via your Overview.


McDonald’s experienced a steady decline in Facebook advertising throughout the month of March. Advertising across Twitter flatlined after the week of March 21st, 2020.

Publisher Insights

Many advertisers have been making shifts on what sites they are purchasing on due to COVID-19.

Additional References

Visit our Key Date Tracker to identify major COVID-19 events and their influence on shifts in data.

For a comprehensive overview of Advertiser Explorer visit our Advertiser View Article in Knowledge Base.

If you have any questions regarding pulling specific insights, please contact your Client Service Manager.


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