Instagram Data

How do we collect Instagram data?

To learn more about our Instagram panel collection visit the Methodology section of our Knowledge Base.

What is the size of the Panel?

We do not share specific panel sizes, but our Instagram data leverages our global panels of hundreds of thousands of monthly active users, who represent a diverse set of demographic and user characteristics.                                                                            

How far does the data go back?

US Instagram Data: 4/15/2020

UK/DE/FR/ES/IT/CA/AU Instagram Data: 5/1/22

When will iOS panelists be added to our Instagram data?

We have no imminent plans to extend our Instagram panel to iOS users.

What ad units do we collect and report?

The ad units are very similar to those tracked on Facebook, with the major exception that we can additionally track spend and impressions for Instagram Story Posts.


  • Reels posts
  • Sponsored Posts
    • Video Posts
    • Photo Posts
    • Link Posts
    • Status Posts
  • Story Posts (Spend/Impressions Only)

Not Covered:

  • Instagram influencer activity
  • Instagram organic activity

Why can’t we show the creatives for Instagram Story Posts ads?

Due to technical limitations with the data received from our Instagram panelists, we can only track the Social Account running the Story Post (which we map to our Taxonomy), and not the creative itself.

How do we estimate spend, impressions and CPM?

Like Facebook & Twitter – our Instagram spend estimates are derived using industry averages and Facebook’s published numbers regarding Instagram. We apply our sampled data from the panels and estimated CPM rates to calculate impressions and spend, rolling these up by creative, brand and advertiser.

As the quarterly reportings change, our Instagram CPM figures can change. We validate estimates against reliable industry sources who also estimate Facebook CPM and data provided by our customers.

For more detail on how we calculate spend for Instagram data, please visit the Methodology section of our Knowledge Base.

If I’m filtered to Instagram creatives in Explorer why would I see creatives for Facebook?
For some class of impressions and spend we are unable to match them to a specific Instagram ad creative, but do have a fallback option of mapping them to creatives seen by our Facebook panelists (remember, buyers use the same portal to run both Facebook and Instagram). In our UI and data, the creative snapshot we show will be of the identical Facebook creative captured by our Facebook panelists.

I currently do not have access to Instagram data.  How can I gain access?

Please reach out to to further assist in this question or request. 

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