Learn More about Single Sign On (SSO)


Pathmatics customers may log in to Explorer a number of ways, including:

Google G Suite and SAML 2.0 providers (such as Okta).

Options supported

  1. Google G Suite Authentication: pre-integrated and turnkey to activate
  2. SAML 2.0. integration: we support Okta + other providers upon request. Identity Provider Initiated and Service Provider Initiated integrations are both supported.

Why users love SSO

Subscribers who enable single sign-on enjoy the most accurate user authentication.


From the Explorer login page, users are seamlessly directed to login via your preferred method. No need to remember another password – login is practically automatic.


Your user management system is synced with Explorer. And with a verified user list built-in, you have complete control of your users’ access.


Only approved users can access your account, which means more accurate usage reports. Be confident knowing unapproved users cannot access your account.


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