Advertiser and Brand View

Advertiser or Brand type is noted above the company name. Advertiser_1.png


A blue check mark next to the entity type denotes whether or not the Advertiser/Brand has been updated with deeper brands and categories as part of the 2021 Taxonomy project.


Learn more about this project here.

Filter Bar

To view Advertiser or Brand data for a specific device type, date range, or region, adjust your advertiser filter bar settings located at the top of the advertiser’s Explorer page.

Devices Filter


Your device settings are defaulted to “All Devices and Formats” and could include the following device types:

  • Desktop Display
  • Mobile Display
  • Desktop Video
  • Mobile Video
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok

To change your data view, click the drop-down arrow and select from the available options.  To easily select a single device, click “None” from the “All / None” options, then select the one device you want to see.

Please note, social device type data is available per your Pathmatics subscription.

Date Range Filter


Your date range will automatically default to the last 30 days of data.

If you’d like to change your date range, you can choose from one of the following pre-set options, or select a custom range:

  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 12 months
  • Month to Date
  • Last Month
  • Year to Date
  • Last Year to Date
  • 2019 to Date (this range automatically selects the data time period supported by our 2021 Taxonomy project)
  • Custom Range

Region Filter


If your Pathmatics subscription allows you to view data for multiple regions, you can adjust your region view in the filter bar.

Category Filter

An Advertiser or Brand’s effective category is now displayed by default on the Advertiser or Brand page.


To filter the creatives, spend and impression data on the page further for any given advertiser or brand, you can now open this Category Filter to apply a deeper category filter.
For example, if you applied the “Body Soaps & Body Washes” category filter in the image below, you would see only the creatives, impressions and spend for that sub-category within the Old Spice brand.


The Category Filter will show categories that the given Advertiser or Brand has ever had creatives in (all time). If Old Spice has never paid for ads in the Auto category, then Auto will not appear in the Category Filter dropdown for Old Spice.
Use the Search bar to quickly find sub-categories, or sort by Name or Spend. Click Apply to apply the filter to the page.

Category Navigation

To navigate to an Advertiser or Brand’s matched category, there are convenient links provided on the page that will take you to the Category view where you can quickly see other competitors (top advertisers) in the same category.


If you have filtered to a sub-category within an Advertiser or Brand, this link will update to take you to the current Category’s page.


Brand Hierarchy

Next to the entity type (Advertiser or Brand) will be a list of parent Brand(s) or Advertisers, if there are any. Advertisers are the top level of the Brand hierarchy, and therefore will not have any parent Advertiser or Brand.

Note that each of the brands shown in this hierarchy are clickable links that can be used to navigate to that Advertiser or Brand page.

Click the icon next to the Advertiser or Brand name to see the whole brand hierarchy.

This will show you the hierarchy of Advertisers and Brands above and below, if any. If the Advertiser or Brand has already gotten the updated 2021 taxonomy, you can click the arrow to the left of each sub-Brand to see deeper Brand levels, plus spend, and the option to sort by Name or Spend, will also be available.  


You may search for an Advertiser or Brand via the Omnibox at any time to be brought to the Brand’s page.


Please note, brands are broken out in accordance with Pathmatics’ unique taxonomy. Should you have any questions regarding taxonomy, please reach out to

Click “Follow” to add the Advertiser or Brand to your dashboard.  

Click “Compare” to visit our “Advertiser Comparison” page.

Click “Export” to export all data on the Explorer page. Visit the Exporting section of Knowledge Base for info on how to export data.

Creative and List View

Top Creatives

The top 10 creatives, ranked by highest spend and impression, are showcased on the advertiser or Brand’s Explorer page.

To view up to 500 additional creatives for your selected date range, region, and device type, click the “See Top 500 of [#] Creatives” link located under the top 10 creatives.

Creative Filter

You can now filter creatives by size, type, and video duration! To use the new creative filter, click Explore Creatives to view all creatives for an Advertiser, Brand, or Category. 


Click All Creative Filters to narrow down creatives to only the set you’re interested in. Learn what the most commonly used creative size, type or duration is for a given Advertiser, Brand or Category.




Viewing a Creative

 Select the creative of your choice to view details on:

  • Creative’s Brand
  • Dimensions/video duration and type of creative
  • Flight dates of the creative
  • Top sites this creative ran on
  • Landing page of the creative (if available)
  • Trend graph of spend throughout the creative’s lifetime

chrome_t3suWwoUXQ.pngShould you notice a discrepancy regarding the creative data presented, click “Report an Issue”. A member of our support team will contact you within 24-48 hours.

To save the creative to your computer, simply select “Export as PNG”.

In addition to collecting creative details, our machine-based data aggregators capture a screenshot of each creative as it appeared on one of the sites it ran on.  

To view a screenshot, click “See This Ad on a Site”.  A new window will open in your browser.

Creative screenshots can be saved to your files by clicking “Export” on the Creative Screenshot page.  

All screenshots are timestamped on the bottom right-hand side of the image.


Creative List View

To view top creatives in List View format, click the “List View” icon next to “Grid View” as shown.


List View showcases the top 10 creatives in order of highest spend and impressions.  

To view up to 500 creatives in List View, click the “See Top 500 of [#] Creatives” link.


Top Brands under [Advertiser/Brand]

This section will display if the Advertiser or Brand has received the updated 2021 taxonomy, and if there are sub-brands below the current Advertiser or Brand. You can view Brands, Spend, Impressions, and Devices for the sub-Brands directly below the Advertiser or Brand you’re viewing.


Click the “Show Details” icon for a preview of creatives and more data, like the next layer of brands beneath the Brand clicked.



Top Categories under [Category] for [Advertiser/Brand]

This section will display if the Advertiser or Brand has received the updated 2021 taxonomy, and if there are sub-category levels below the Brand’s top-level category. You can view Category, Devices, Spend, and Impressions for the sub-categories directly below the Brand’s current category.
Note, you can quickly see other top advertisers (competitors) for the Brand’s category by clicking the “See top advertisers in [Category] here →”


Click the “Show Details” pop-out icon for a preview of creatives and more data, like the deeper layer of sub-categories beneath the category clicked.Advertiser_17.png

Device Breakdown

Device Breakdown provides a breakdown of the spend and impressions by device.

In the Spend and Impressions tab, the donut chart details the percentage of spend or impression share by device type.  

Hover your mouse over the device name, or over a portion of the circle or line graph to highlight data for an individual device type.  

Hover your mouse over a specific point on the line graph to view spend or impression figures.

To hone in on specific date ranges, adjust your date range filter.

Who is [Advertiser or Brand] buying impressions from?

The Purchase Channel table allows you to view spend and impression share for direct buys and any ad tech partners involved in the purchase.

In the “Spend Share” or "Impression Share" tab, purchase channels are ranked in order of highest spend or impressions.  Percentage of spend or impression share is listed in the “Share” column.

A donut chart to the right of the table provides a visual representation of spend or impression share by channel.  Hover your mouse over each portion of the graph to highlight the purchase channel type.

Click the name of any ad tech partner listed in the “Purchase Channel” column to be redirected to the partner’s Explorer page.

Top Sites for [Advertiser or Brand]

Top Sites for [Advertiser or Brand] Table contains a list of the top 500 sites the advertiser appears most frequently on.  Should you wish to view additional sites contact

Top sites are ranked in order of highest spend and impressions. Advertiser_18.png

The Top Sites table offers 3 ranking categorizations:

  • “All Sites” tab - The top 500 sites where inventory was bought both directly and indirectly
  • “Direct Sites” tab - The top 500 sites where inventory was bought directly
  • “Indirect Sites” tab - The top 500 sites where inventory was bought indirectly, or programmatically

To search for a specific site, enter the site name in the search bar located above the “Impressions” column.

To reverse your site table ranking order, click the down arrow located in the “Site”, “Spend” or “Impressions” column. Click the up arrow to undo.

When viewing data within the “All Sites” tab, you will notice a column labeled “Direct” to the right of the site name.  A green check mark indicates that inventory was bought directly.

Hover over the icons in the “Devices” column to view the device formats each site ran ads on.


Click on a site name within the table to visit the site’s Explorer page.

Show Details

To view additional details for each site, click the “Show Details” icon to the right of the site name in the Site column.  


A popup box will appear showcasing the creatives the advertiser or Brand ran on this site.  

If the advertiser has sub-Brands, a brand share breakout will appear, highlighting the percentage of creatives attributed to each brand.

The Show Details view provides a list of advertiser to publisher Ad Paths.  Ad Paths allow users to view how the purchase was made and which ad tech partners were involved.


Site Spend Share for [Advertiser or Brand]

The Site Spend Share pie chart provides a view of spend and impression share across the top sites the advertiser or Brand appeared on.  

Hover your mouse over a portion of the pie chart to highlight the site name to the right.

Social Data for Advertisers

Pathmatics social data provides additional insights into a company’s social advertising.

Set your device filter on your Advertiser Explorer page to view social data on Creative Type, Gender, Platform, and Geography.  

If you do not have access to Pathmatics Facebook, Instagram or Twitter data and would like to add this to your subscription, please reach out to 

Highlights for [Advertiser]

Highlights for [Advertiser] provides a snapshot of social advertising trends for this advertiser, over the selected date range.

Click “Jump to details” for an in-depth dive into these highlights.

Overview for [Advertiser]

The Overview for [Advertiser] table, provides daily or monthly spend and impression data for social advertising.

Hover your mouse over any point on the graph to view detailed spend or impression figures.

Creative Type Breakdown for [Advertiser]

The Creative Type Breakdown pie chart demonstrates the percentage of spend per creative type.

Spend is listed to the right of the chart, beneath each creative type.

Gender Breakdown for [Advertiser]

Pathmatics’ social panel data provides insights into the advertiser’s estimated percentage of social spend per gender.

Spend is listed to the right of the chart, beneath each gender.

Please Note: Gender data is limited to Facebook data only at this time.

Platform Breakdown for [Advertiser]

In addition to gender breakdown, Pathmatics’ social data provides insight into an advertiser’s percentage of spend towards each major platform.  Platform breakdown is limited to iOS and Android operating systems.

Spend is listed to the right of the chart, beneath each platform type.

Please Note: Instagram data is comprised of Android data only at this time.

Geography Breakdown for [Advertiser]

The Geography Breakdown for [Advertiser] table, details an advertiser’s Facebook or Instagram spend share per US Metro and State.

Please Note: Geography breakdown is available for Facebook and Instagram data only at this time.

An orange circle on the map indicates metros with the highest spend.

States with higher spend are shaded in a darker green, while states with lower spend are shaded in a lighter green.

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