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What is Pathmatics Connect?

Pathmatics Connect is our digital advertising intelligence data feed that helps power your systems, tools, and models. It brings data across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, display, video, (and more) straight to you.

The Connect data feed offers as much of our data as you need, at the frequency you need it — all delivered via Amazon S3 bucket. The data can be integrated with other tools (such as proprietary models, BI or CRM platforms, etc.) or filtered and synthesized by internal data teams as they choose.

What kind of data is available via Pathmatics Connect?

The Connect data feed is customizable, and data sets are defined by you, based on your needs. Some examples of data available are:


Top-level advertising company

(e.g., Procter & Gamble)


Any brand or child company that exists beneath an advertiser

(e.g., Olay)


Advertiser industry / vertical 

(e.g., Consumer Packaged Goods)

Creative Dimensions

State of ad unit(width, height)

(e.g., 320px x 50px)

Creative Text

Text captured from an ad

(e.g., "Shop from the safety and comfort of your home!")

Creative Type

Type of ad unit or social post

(e.g., HTML5, page skin, carousel, story)


Date an ad was observed. Spend and impressions estimates may be grouped by: date, week, quarter etc.

(e.g., 07/26/20, July 2020)

Device / Format

Format of the ad and device on which it was seen

(e.g., desktop display, mobile video, Facebook, Instagram)


Number of estimated impressions for a particular ad or set of ads

(e.g., 3,452,778)

Landing Page

URL of the landing page of an ad


Link to Creatives

URL to creative asset of the ad)



OS Platform of panelist. Null if not available.

(e.g., iOS, Android)

Purchase Channel

Ad-tech provider from whom an advertiser purchased impressions

(e.g., The Trade Desk)


Country from which an ad was observed

(e.g., US, UK, Canada, France)

Sales Channel

Ad-tech provider through which a publisher sold impressions

(e.g., Rubicon)


Domain or URL from which an ad was observed



Estimates dollars (or local currency) spent on a particular ad or set of ads

(e.g., $1,356)


Speak to our Solutions Team for more specifics on the data available.

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