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Pathmatics now reports OTT creatives sourced via a panel of Connected TV users and our industry leading Desktop Panel. Our CPM, impression and spend estimates are extrapolated to represent all OTT ad activity regardless of how the user is consuming content.

What We Capture


  • US


  • OTT subscribers will see it as a new device in the Device & Format list, and as a new icon in the Devices column in multiple parts of the platform.


Insights Reporting



Panel Based Data Collection

Our Connected TV panel and desktop panel allow us to track OTT ads served to real users in the US.

Our panels are 100% opt-in, and adheres to rigorous privacy terms and a transparent opt-in process. 

OTT data leverages our global panel of hundreds of thousands of users. Panelists represent a diverse set of demographic and user characteristics, enabling our panel to have the scale and coverage that represents the US OTT user population in terms of geo, gender, and age. 

Impression, Spend, and CPM Estimation

Each quarter we project total US OTT spend, impressions and CPM based on third party data sources and industry reports. We then use the sample ad data collected from our panelists to extrapolate to market estimates of spend and impressions for each advertiser or brand.

Data and estimates will be extrapolated to represent all ad activity for these services regardless of how the user is consuming content. 


Historical Data Collection

  • US - 10/01/2021

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